Sunday, August 16, 2020

Haunting Covid 19

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Haunting Covid by Patrick Regan -Trying to operate a haunt under normal circumstances is hard enough. The list of challenges is daunting. Add in the problems of a pandemic and constantly changing local health requirements, and it can appear scarier than your worst nightmare!!

Outdoor haunts face the variability of weather. Haunt actors face the challenges of balancing the close scare with a jump scare or touching vs props. Make-up artists have to nail the look on constantly changing ‘canvases’ under immense time pressures. Security faces the challenges of unruly guests. Production faces the challenge of making all those phenomenal ideas realistic. And owners face ALL these challenges with so many more the list would take up this whole article! Indoor Haunts (or sections) only magnify the problems. Yet, Actors and Production and MUA’s and Owners and Security come back with such passion year after year. Add in this stinking pandemic in, and it’s easy to see how hard it’s going to be to pull it off one more time!

My hope with this forum is to be a place for those still desiring to keep their haunt delivering frights to customers and not infections. With that said, there are two ‘classes’ of challenges I’m hearing – those faced by Indoor Haunts vs Outdoor Haunts. (I know many haunts have both types of sections, but they present different opportunities.) There have been almost universal considerations, so I will present those first. 

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