Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kim's Krypt Haunt 2020


Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill
Kim's Krypt

Spring Valley, PA - Kim's Krypt Haunt 2020 offers 3 solid Haunted Attractions that will bring Halloween happiness to any Haunted House Fan. Most of the Haunted Houses in the state are usually competing to provide customers with the most amount of Attractions offered at a site. Covid has changed the rules of the game and now if you are a Haunt Owner, you are forced to cut back on everything and to do more with less. "We have had to cut down from 6 Haunted Attractions to 3 Attractions this season" say's Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill owner Kimberly Yates, "who knows maybe we will be able to do it at a higher level this year"

This brings up an interesting point, can you do more with less in the world of Haunted Attractions? After experiencing Kim's Krypt, the is a possibility that need to be explored. 3 Haunted Attractions are offered at Kim's Krypt, the Haunted Mill, House of Eyes and Terror Trail. Each Attraction offered a high amount of scares, but above all offered sensory overload. So much is thrown at you with the actors and sets, the question remains, can or do you need more?  Kim's Krypt has a solid formula for the 2020 Haunt Season with 3 Haunted Attractions that will bring all of the scares you will need for the 2020 Halloween season. 

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